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Bringing cost-effective carbon capture to market

Game-changing technology for sieving carbon dioxide from emission streams.


Captivate's MUF-16 technology is revolutionising carbon capture.

Solid-state adsorbents are selective and stable with a low energy penalty.
Our patented MUF-16 material reduces CAPEX and OPEX costs in modular capture units. MUF-16 stacks up both technically and financially, delivering both environmental and economic benefits.


Made from inexpensive precursors and regenerated with a low energy penalty.


Very selective for CO2 over nitrogen and methane, and captures and releases CO2 over repeated cycles.


Modular engineering adapted to any emission source.


Latest News

Five liquefied natural gas tanks (Source: Adobe Stock/16th)

Captivate Technology announced as finalist in global carbon capture competition

10 November 2023

Captivate Technology was selected as a finalist in the Compact Carbon Capture Challenge. The competition, run by carbonNEXT, sought ground-breaking solutions to reduce emissions associated with the delivery and use of natural gas in Canada.


Captivate Technology was one of only four finalists who presented their industry leading carbon capture solutions to a panel of experts.


The success comes as Captivate Technology announces their seed-round capital raise, building on the company’s impressive progress to date.

8 September 2023

Captivate Technology is on-site capturing carbon dioxide from industrial emissions.

Captivate Technology is conducting a number of on-site trials with industrial emitters to test the carbon capture performance of its MUF-16 adsorbent.


Results to date are remarkable, with the adsorbent displaying the performance and resilience observed during the lab-based research phase.

MUF-16 combines cutting-edge technical performance with low cost, robustness, and scalability.


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