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The future of carbon capture

Highly selective metal-organic frameworks for carbon capture.


Captivate's MUF-16 technology is revolutionising carbon capture.

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a game changer for carbon capture. Our unique MUF-16 material outperforms other carbon capture systems.

Low Cost

Made using inexpensive precursors.

Highly Efficient

Highly selective and energy efficient CO2 capture.

Long Lifetime

Capture and release CO2 over repeated cycles.


Our Team

Subo Lee, R&D Scientist at Captivate Technology

R&D Scientist

Nigel Campbell, Business Development Manager at Captivate Technology

Business Development Manager

Andrew Chen, Chair at Captivate Technology

Director (Chair)

Nadine Williams, Director at Captivate Technology

Nadine Williams


Ian Fletcher, Director at Captivate Technology

Ian Fletcher



Latest News

8 September 2023

Captivate Technology is on-site capturing carbon dioxide from industrial emissions.

Captivate Technology is conducting a number of on-site trials with industrial emitters to test the carbon capture performance of its MUF-16 adsorbent.


Results to date are remarkable, with the adsorbent displaying the performance and resilience observed during the lab-based research phase.

MUF-16 combines cutting-edge technical performance with low cost, robustness, and scalability.

Industrial Smoke

13 February 2023

Captivate Technology closes first investment round.

Captivate Technology, a Massey University spin-out, is excited to announce that they have closed a syndicated investment round.


This $750,000 pre-seed round was led by Matū Karihi, with co-investors Massey Ventures Limited, New Zealand Growth Capital Partners, and the Booster Innovation Fund.

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