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Our Technology:


Carbon capture is an important pillar for countering  climate change. At Captivate Technology, we have developed a sponge-like adsorbent (MUF-16) that captures carbon dioxide efficiently and selectively.


Filter modules containing this adsorbent can sieve carbon dioxide from point sources including  off-gasses from"

  • cement manufacturing,

  • hydrogen production,

  • BECCS (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage),

  • natural gas combustion,

  • geothermal electricity generation, and

  • natural gas and biogas. 


MUF-16 is a solid-state metal-organic framework (MOF) that can be made inexpensively in large quantities. Its network of pores trap the carbon dioxide via weak interactions, so the carbon dioxide can be easily removed once it reaches saturation capacity. This regenerates MUF-16 for another round of carbon capture, a process that can be repeated many thousands of times. In addition, it has a low affinity for nitrogen, methane and other gases, which translates into a high purity for the captured carbon dioxide. Its durability and longevity stems from its tolerance of impurities such as water vapour, oxygen, NOx and SOx.

Captivate Technology is currently conducting on-site testing and welcome collaborations with industrial partners.

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