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Our Technology:


At Captivate Technology, our industrially-proven sponge-like adsorbent (MUF-16) captures carbon dioxide efficiently with a low energy penalty.


MUF-16 is a metal-organic framework (MOF) that can be made inexpensively in large quantities. Each MUF-16 pellet is a tiny tiny powerhouse that can capture more than 100 grams of carbon dioxide per year!


It has a low affinity for nitrogen, methane and other gases, which translates into a high purity for the captured carbon dioxide. Its durability and longevity stem from its tolerance of impurities such as water vapour, oxygen, NOx and SOx.

Adsorption unit containing MUF-16 can sieve carbon dioxide from point sources, including:

  • cement manufacturing,

  • hydrogen production,

  • BECCS (bioenergy with carbon capture and storage),

  • natural gas combustion,

  • geothermal electricity generation, and

  • natural gas and biogas. 


We have conducted extensive on-site testing and are now scaling up to industrial units.

Our expertise

Our expertise ranges from deep insights into the fundamentals of solid-state adsorbents to process engineering and techno-economic analysis.  We can help you meet your carbon capture goals:

  • deployment of MUF-16 to capture carbon from your emissions stream or any gas mixture,

  • comprehensive quality control and analytical facilities,

  • computational optimisation of the engineering process,

  • techno-economic analysis,

  • financial modelling,

  • MUF-16 sales and technical support.

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